Brusknet History

Brusknet established in 2005 started as a full blown and enriched Internet Service provider providing service with minimum cost and best quality.

Because Brusknet aims at leading the industry and stay years ahead of its competition to best provide great service to great customers. We in Jan 2010 Brusknet upgraded network to 4G (Wimax technology)which enable customers to get benefit from high service quality and low cost.

Our mission

Brusknet keeps customers connected seamlessly to internet without interruption. Our leading-data services technology and word class infrastructure, most advanced equipments deliver the superior and secure experience to our customers gaining value and trust from every single customer.

Our value

Customer service excellence

We feel a sense of urgency on matters related to our customers. We own problems, anticipate needs, respond quickly and deliver customer-focused solutions and remedies to all problems understand the unprecedented value of time. We constantly benchmark ourselves against the standards per excellence we set for ourselves far ahead of our competition and giving more than what our customers expect from us.

Transparent communication

We have an unwavering commitment to open, honest and timely communication. Clarity in understanding customer’s goals and what customers expect from us is critical to making the best decisions and providing superior service.


The best way to have one great idea is to start with a lot of ideas. We had made a habit a trend of inquiring and bringing new ideas to every query, “Is there a better way?” Good business people challenge conventional thinking and offer new ideas.

Respect for people

We believe that individuals whether personnel, experts, employees, staff or customers, when are treated with respect and given responsibility, respond by giving their best. We treat others the way we want to be treated and we value a positive work/life balance.

Engaged professionals

We live our lives to living up to our commitments. We make commitments with intense responsibility and live up to them. We’re never passive, but actually thrive on giving our best effort in everything we undertake. We rely on each other for shared success.

One company

We believe that all of us are smarter filled with great ideas and wisdom than ourselves. Success lies in our ability to align innovation, dedication to our goals and goals of every individual and ultimately is achieved by exceeding and succeeding customer’s expectation. We invite diverse thinking and expect aligned action.

You Get More than Internet experience! We raise your experience standards so you expect more from us.

Brusknet is a Wimax company that offers genuinely unlimited download all the week on top of the pre-built in place gigantic data usage allowances during the week days. Try the Brusknet service for one month for just 35,000 ID or 30,000 ID for students

Not only do we provide you an internet service, we also provide you a complete support including but not limited to the tools to test your connection so that you can determine you are getting the maximum out of our services what you are paying for.

You can check the quality of your line with our quick test to see what speeds you are currently getting.

We are passionate about our Support services

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For subscription & more information

you can visit our showroom In Sulaimaneya, Salim street, Salim Building.

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